SHE is a scandinavian design studio based in Oslo, Norway. As industrial designers we work with product development, interaction design and graphical design. Our design process involves definition of the task, product research and conceptualization phase before we move on to the finalizing of the chosen concept to prototype the product. During the process we twist and turn the materials possibilities of functional and aesthetical values. When we work we love to experience and test the material to its limits before we start drawing the product.

We are Silje Søfting and Eva Marit Tøftum, both industrial designers, designing with the goal to dig deeper than what we first expect a product to be. Our aesthetical approach is to reach for subtle changes and taking use of the material to its fullest. We love what we do and work hard to fulfil our own requirements that sometimes are more than what is possible and by doing so we can reach innovation.

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Phone: Eva 00 47 906 69 468 or Silje 00 47 990 46 186